Rules of Job Ads

What you need to consider when posting your job ads

Applica aims to connect employers and job seekers quickly and easily – in the nicest possible way. That's why we would like to ask you to communicate nicely and respectfully. There have to be a few rules which are binding for everyone. We reserve the right to edit, shorten or delete any ad that does not adhere to Applica rules. 


When using Applica, please abide to these rules:


1. Types of jobs
Applica is a niche job search platform for Technology Professionals. Hence, all job ads posting need to be related to IT and Tech positions.

2. Job ad completeness
Your ad has to point out clearly what kind of job you're offering. The main job content and responsibilities have to be named. We do not accept ads which aren't formulated precisely or don't contain enough information on the position.

3. Job posting approval
All jobs posted will be sent to Applica team for review before publicly published on Applica platform. The job posting approval process will take 1-3 hours. Upon approval, an automated email will be sent to employer.

4. No contact data
Your Applica job ad must not contain any contact data. Use of URLs, phone numbers, email, or postal addresses in not allowed.

5. No sex
Ads which contain or are related to sex/erotica are not allowed on Applica. The use of offensive language is also forbidden.

6. No promotion and advertising
Even though it is understandable that you want to point out the PROs of your company or the potential workplace, we draw the line at ads that seem to be for advertising reasons only. The main purpose of every ad has to be the filling of vacancies.

7. No advance payment
We are very strict when it comes to advance payment. You are not allowed to ask potential job seekers to pay for anything in advance. This goes for e-books, flight tickets, insurance, calling hotlines, prepayment for sales products, and so on.

8. No rudeness
It is not acceptable to post ads which break the law or lead others to do so. Ads with political, religious, racial or offensive content of any kind are also strictly forbidden..