Associate / Junior / Senior Scrum Developer (Software Development)

  • ByParts (Asia) Sdn Bhd
  • Sunway Nexis, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Jan 09, 2020
Full time   Software Developers/Architects, Applications Software Developers, Systems Software Programmers

Job Description

♨ What we are looking for?

• You love sitting in the corner coding and covering your head with a hoodie and earphones because distractions don't make you productive.
• You wish the world would be kinder to geeks or be one that believed "geek is the new cool".
• You believe in working hard and playing even harder.
• You believe the world is bigger than where you are and are willing to contribute to it with your abilities so you can unlock all its secrets and achievements.
• You believe limits are for the weak.
• You soak up knowledge(technical) like a sponge, and curiosity is what drives you.
• You solve problems: when your parents ask you to be their plumber because the sink is clogged, you call your best friend (google) and get your hands dirty. (No we are not looking for plumbers, plumbers please do not apply, what I'm trying to say is that it's the attitude that matters)
• You live a highly optimised life, up to how you effectively utilise your toothpaste.
• You see most of the world in a logical state (True or False) with some Exception handling.
• You feel you can add this list but decide it's better to tell us face to face.

♨ What gives you the advantage?

• You have coded something yourself without being told so (please show us your work).
• You have some skills and knowledge we need in at least 2 such areas, or are willing to learn, such as Python, Outsystems, UI/UX design, DevOps, Blockchain, Containerisation, iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin), Google Flutter, Javascript, CI/CD, Github or even older technologies such as Php, C++, Assembly, etc. If you don't know what these mean, you are looking at the wrong J.D and are wasting your time.
• You can prove you are disciplined and able to work with multiple cultures
• You don't hesitate to take initiative: we understand you might also be a rebel that speaks your mind, AND we appreciate honesty and constructive criticism.
• When you see a need, you have the urge to fill it.
• You have some knowledge of Agile methodology and believe the world is a better place if everybody you work live and breathe Agile.
• Again, you feel you can add this list but decide it's better to tell us face to face.

♨ What doesn't give you the advantage?

• As much as we believe that a good education is important, there isn't much for you (and for us) if you can't solve our problems.
• You live too far away and don't really want to commute (this can't be helped and we understand); we value face time as much as flexibility at work.
• Contrary to the above, you don't really want to add to this list and feels you can tell us why.

Years of experience

1 - 2 years,   3 - 5 years  

Job Industry

Automobile / Automotive,   IT / Software,   Science & Technology  

Required Languages


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