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  • Nov 18, 2019
Full time,   Internship   Software Developers/Architects, Applications Software Developers, Systems Software Programmers Web Designers and Developers

Job Description


  • Participate in all phases of the system development life cycle which include analysis, system design, coding, application testing, project deployment, implementation, documentation and support.
  • To work closely with the owner/senior team to study and understand the user requirements and business process in order to successfully develop the required system to code, test and implement solutions.
  • To ensure all tasks are completed in time and meet the necessary standards/ procedure.

Proficient in:

  • Frontend Web Development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Backend Web Development (PHP, MySQL)
  • Restful API Development with JSON
  • Mobile App Development (Objective C, Swift, Java, React Native etc)


  • Bachelor Degree in Information Technology or equivalent 
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in related field
  • Speaks and understands English


  1. OAuth2 System
  2. Websocket
  3. NodeJS & NoSQL
  4. Reactjs (Facebook)
  5. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  6. Git version control & collaboration

    A. Website

    1  HTML

    2  CSS

    3  Javascript

    4  PHP

    5  C Sharp

    6  Others


    B. Website Backend/ Server

    1  MySQL

    2  API (json data transfer)

    3  LINUX commands

    4  Git Collaboration & Version Control

    5  OAuth 2.0 & BASIC Auth

    6  Payment Gateway Integration

    7.NODE JS

    C. Mobile App

    1  React Native

    2  ANDROID (java)

    3  iOS (Objective-C)

    4  iOS (Swift)

Years of experience

1 - 2 years  

Job Industry

Advertising / Marketing / PR  

Required Languages


Do you accept foreigners


Additional Information (eg. Company Benefits or Project Details)


All we need is a Great Attitude, Eccentric Sense of Humor & Willingness to Learn and Add Value to Company.
Our Tagline is "We do Everything for Students... Except Study!"

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