Diff Global Solutions Sdn Bhd

Stressed about finding parking and getting stuck in massive traffic on a daily basis? No room for stress when DIFF is here! DIFF is the newest e-hailing platform that makes booking your next ride quick, efficient and hassle-free!

DIFF officially launched its e-hailing and ride sharing services in February 2018 and currently offers its services all around Klang Valley, but will be expanding its services throughout Malaysia very, very soon! Keep a lookout for us, as we will be painting Malaysia orange, one state at a time! 

DIFF: Making a difference, one day at a time.


  • are user-friendly!
  • are available anywhere, anytime!
  • have the lowest rates in town!

Why should YOU choose DIFF? Stand out from the crowd and be DIFFerent!

How is DIFF different from the rest?

  • We treat both the driver and the rider with equal respect. Happy drivers = happy riders.
  • Our rider’s satisfaction is of our utmost importance. We want the passenger to feel the value for their money and we want to avoid frustrated drivers.
  • We don’t discredit drivers based on how many stars they get or how many reviews they receive, as we understand each individual is different and hence, there will be dynamic feedback from different angles.
  • However, we take very seriously – irrational behaviour, rude and foul language, sexual harassment and sexual remarks bordering on harassment.
  • We also take very seriously passengers who abuse drivers physically and mentally in words and actions.
  • We reserve the right to investigate both parties with legal expertise should the circumstances call for it.