Swisschip Sdn Bhd

Since 2009, Swisschip Sdn Bhd has consistently proven itself as a pinnacle of success in the development and delivery of e-commerce solutions. Swisschip provides comprehensive and user friendly software as well as a variety of IT solutions services for businesses worldwide. Swisschip has extensive experience in foreign markets, with a broad understanding of the Chinese Market in particular. Consisting of a qualified workforce, Swisschip prominently exerts expertise in web application development and system integration. Our solutions are developed in-house and are specifically designed for customization as we believe that each client has an individual business perspective. Throughout our growth in the e-commerce industry, Swisschip has realized that many operators are faced with disparate and incompatible systems. We believe that our software is the sole solutions capable of supporting all e-commerce requirements, features and channels that a business would demand of today. At Swisschip, we provide simple and robust platforms, appropriate to all channels, onto which budding businesses can rapidly deploy their products.