Ilmu Technectbiz Sdn Bhd (Ilmutech)

Ilmu Technetbiz Sdn Bhd (iLMUTech)  formerly known as Technet Business Solutions  &  Technetbiz Services were  established in  2005 and has grown to become Malaysia’s leading private provider of  Corporate IT,  Soft Skills  &  Technical Training,  Skill Vocational and  Team Building. iLMUTech  and its  Associates;  is your one-stop  Training  Center for  all your corporate  training needs.

Our primary philosophy and purpose are to provide the finest quality instructor-led training and on-demand customized support and development services for the information technology professionals and corporate clients.

For many years, iLMUTech has served the information technology & soft skills with high-quality training throughout the corporate industry, government agencies, and Institute of higher learning. Many corporate companies have selected iLMUTech as their preferred training vendor due to our proven training methods and level of training professionals.

Our network of experienced instructors has ‘hands-on’ experience in deployment, troubleshooting, and development on the technologies that they teach, hence ensuring effective knowledge transfer.