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  • Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dongda Bank is an innovative bank that aims to bring leading financial services to the world.

Dongda Bank was founded in 2013 by a commercial bank approved by the North Korean Central Bank. Since its inception, Dongda Bank has been committed to the mission of “Finance is more convenient to the public” and upholds the values ​​of “Honesty, Customer-oriented, Facilitating Finance, People-oriented”. After years of high-quality service and innovation, “Dongda Bank” has enjoyed high reputation and loyalty in Southeast Asia.

Dongda Bank has built an industrial structure that combines banking financial services and related industries, and has formed a global integrated industrial layout, covering banking, financial services industries such as banking, foreign exchange, asset management, and so on.

Dongda Bank's team consists of top bankers, security experts and software and hardware technology elites. Through the balance of US dollars to the Internet and the global banking and financial path, Dongda Bank provides a forward-looking basic service platform and a widely accepted ideal bank. the way.

Dongda Bank is committed to providing high-quality banking and financial services that are simple, safe, reliable, convenient, and profit-sharing based on its ability to innovate, based in Southeast Asia.