Beans Group Sdn Bhd

We are provider of component-based e-business solutions and information integration services.

We work with enterprises to transform existing IT infrastructures while leveraging the latest open standard technologies. Complemented by our professional services in consulting, mentoring, outsourcing, training and turnkey projects implementation, we deliver to enterprises fully integrated e-business solution platforms with minimum investment and disruption.

Our methodology aims to revolutionize the way enterprises build, integrate and scale their business solutions.

We strive to be the leading “e-builder” that employs Java component-based technology as the foundation for building component-based enterprise business applications. Using component technology, we simplify complex business processes into efficient building blocks to help organizations develop their own e-businesses solutions. We provide a component development framework and software components that are applicable across different business domains and lines-of-business for the financial services industry and beyond.

We offer customers great versatility through cost-effective solutions having both vertical and horizontal market components. Component based applications are reusable and extendable, which allow for maximum portability and scalability. Therefore, the business solutions we package and deliver to clients help the company to significantly reduce their development and deployment cost and improves delivery time to market.

Company Benefits
  • Child Birth Gift
  • Medical Insurance
  • Paid short term disability
  • Phone Allowance