"Make Good Art"​ is our motto. Lemon Sky Studios is a Malaysia base CG production company specializing in high-quality Art and CGI Animation creation. Our experience in the field has garnered us a respectable reputation as well as a certain confidence for our team. We are constantly passionate and excited to bring our project to life.


Do you accept foreigner to apply to you? Yes, we do! We will provide certain arrangements during employment period.   Can you consider my application if my expected salary is higher than the propose job salary? Sure, we will decide the salary offer once interview session settled as Interviewer feedback will update to Management for confirmation.   Do you accept freelance or fulltime? Yes, we accept both.   What are the technical requirements for this position? We will share to you once received your resume as we will review on your application first.   I applied for a position a while back but haven't heard from you. What does that mean? We are in a midst of replying other applications and we will definitely update you once it is reviewed.