Who We Are
We leverage on innovative technology and pedagogy to offer relevant, flexible, and affordable learning programmes. Our education model combines competency-based curriculum, work-integrated learning, and just in time delivery to produce skilled professionals for enterprises.
Innovative Pedagogy Deliver Relevant Competencies & Skills
Our unique pedagogy gives learners the required knowledge and skills via competency-based curricula and work integrated coaching and mentoring. Our applied learning programmes combine learning and work placements.
Our comprehensive suite of Tech and Innovation skills-based training programmes includes short, "bite-size" courses and qualification programmes that deliver multidisciplinary competencies for induction into specific job roles. Our programmes have accreditation pathways to selected industry and academic qualifications including Victoria University (Australia) and De Montfort University (UK).
Blended Programs Deliver Personalized & Flexible Learning
Our learners have complete learning flexibility where each one learns at their own pace; anytime and anywhere. They can customize their learning journey; complemented with personalized mentoring and tutoring support. We use advanced learning analytics and technology to facilitate collaborative peer2peer learning that deliver optimum learning outcomes.   
Tech Skills for All
Our modular courses and qualifications cater for everyone, including tech professionals.
Courses, such as computational thinking, web programming, and digital marketing, provide the digital savviness needed by everyone to remain relevant in the new digital economy.
For Non-tech professionals with business domain knowledge, we provide structured training and qualifications to fast track an individual into a hybrid Business IT job roles leveraging on their past experience and knowledge.
For Tech professionals, we are their strategic learning partner for lifelong career advancement.  We deliver continuous skills upgrading and job specialization training in emerging technologies, including big data, business intelligence, cyber security, enterprise resource planning (ERP), computer networking, systems administration, and more.
Tech Talent Management for Enterprises 
We are more than just a training provider but also a talent partner for enterprises. Besides delivering customized training programs for enterprises, our "Place & Train" programmes recruit latent talents and train them for just-in-time deployment at the workplace.

Why join us?

We are looking to build upon some terrific strength; a respected brand, a strong position in our core markets and most important of all; talented, motivated and well trained employees. People with real passion, energy and enthusiasm - whose potential we aim to fulfil.