Lucobyte Technologies Sdn Bhd

  • no. 346, sublot 9203, lorong 9, seng goon garden, taman springfield, 93250 kuching, sarawak

Imagine where you can connect the world on one travel platform?

Imagine integrating maps, messaging, news, analytics, accounting, legal and virtual reality into one platform?

We are a tech start-up based in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. 

Our goal is to turn properties into commodities using tomorrow's technologies. 

Along the way, we plan to build a strong internal tech-team (a.k.a Lucians) who can share our dreams of changing the world. 

Our parent Company is in the business of Property Management, hence this start-up is fully funded internally.

Lucians will be able to express themselves, make mistakes, grow, be push to perform at their best and have free space to explore new ideas.

Join us in our journey. 

RM2,000 - RM2,500 monthly
Lucobyte Technologies Sdn Bhd Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Mar 11, 2019
Full time
WARNING: this is not for applicants who want an easy going work environment. You will be challenged, pushed to your limits and be forced to perform at your best. Job Scope: A. Full Stack Developer Job Scope i. Working on the front-end and back-end programming of mobile application pertaining to any development that is on-going and is being carried out by the company. ii. Perform work, on, and understand the process in the development of both, front-end and back-end development with the consideration of IT Security and Risk Management Best Practices. iii. Ensuring all applications are running as intended, according to specifications. iv. Work alongside with designers to acquire the appearance, attribute and features of the web and app design. v. Supervising interns: to complete the project within timeline that has been set. vi. Be able to comprehend JavaScript framework, Angular JS and PHP framework and Laravel in/on AWS (Amazon Webs Service) environment. vii. Understand and be able to make use of the following tech stack: iOS objective C or Swift Android Java or C++ HTML/HTML5 CSS/CSS3 JavaScript Java PHP SQL Bootstrap AJAX JSON MVC AWS EC2 Windows MacOS B. Key responsibilities in website-application and mobile-application development i. Planning and gathering requirements. ii. Developing front-end architecture. iii. Developing back-end application. iv. Cross-platform development. v. Executing on set plan and design. vi. Conduct performance optimisation testing. vii. Cloud server setup and maintenance. viii. Backing up all necessary resource following best practice. ix. Maintenance of existing website/application. C. Day to day basic task i. Working with development team to develop and/or redevelop features or maintaining existing application/website to ensure it is running as intended. ii. Testing and debugging (functionality, compatibility, performance, security and usability).