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Optimize Your Job Posting in 2019 | Write Effective Job Posting

Follow these guidelines to make your job ad more searchable and visible to job seekers.


Job seekers will search via categories and we want to increase our reach to all potential candidates. Select two to three categories, even if they are slightly relevant. 

For example, if you are creating a job ad for a "Software Engineer" you can select:

  • Software Developers/Architects, Applications
  • Software Developers,Systems Software
  • Programmers


It is critical to include proper keywords in your ad when job seekers find your post on the site. Job seekers uses keywords to search for a position: by title or skill set or field specialty.  Think like a job seeker when you create your job ad.

For example: you are creating a job ad for a "Programming" position you may use one of the following search keywords:

  • Title: programmer; software developer; application engineer and etc
  • Skill set: include specific programming languages and required technologies keywords
  • Field specialty: industry domain knowledge or specific product details  


In the Technology industry, the job seeker we are trying to attract is more than likely currently employed. Potential job seeker approach job posts with the perspective of “what’s in it for me”. Tell job seekers about the job benefits they will gain and enjoy.

Include tangible benefits such as (list all out - types of insurance for employee and dependents, paid holidays, personal days, higher EPF contributions, employee stock options, etc.) and intangible benefits (free lunch, free parking, casual business attire, optional to work from home, career advancement etc.). Everything and anything provided by employer to attract job seekers.

To further attract job seeker to your ads, you should include project details for example:

  • Project scope: include project or product information that the candidate will be working on.
  • Gains for candidates:  what candidate will achieve or learn from the projects or this position? 

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